Fixes on Download Pending Play Store issue: Google Play Store is the official App store to download all the applications. You can download any app using the Google Play Store in no time. The apps provided by the Google Play Store are highly reliable and secure. But sometimes, you may face some issues while downloading the applications through the Google Play Store. And the apps you download from the Google Play Store may stop due to several reasons, and it shows the error message as Download Pending. To get rid of these issues, the solutions are given below, by following this, you can get rid of all the issues which are related to the error message in the Google Play Store.

Issue 1: The Google Play Store may downloading the file and doesn’t finish the downloading So that it only downloads one file at a time.

Solution: You can either stop the Downloading app by tapping the X mark, or you can wait until the download finishes.

Issue 2: Sometimes, the Google Play Store shows the Download Pending error message even when it is not downloading any applications, and this may occur due to the unfinished downloads, and it will not continue downloading and never let you download other apps too.

Solution: You can resolve this problem by just getting into the app settings and then navigate to the Application Manager and then click the Google Play Store and clear the cache and the data associated with the app.

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Issue 3: The Download Pending in Play Store error is caused by some application bugs too. You can get rid of the error and start downloading the apps by merely following the solution given below.

Download Pending in Play Store

Solution: You can resolve this issue by just getting into the settings of your smartphone and then go to the application manager and then look for the Google Play Store. Just tap the Google Play Store app, and now you can see the force stop button, just tap the button and then relaunch the application and start downloading your favourite apps.

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Issue 4: Sometime, the Google Play Store may malfunction and shows this kind of error due to app bugs. You can resolve this issue with the following solution.

Solution: Just check the version of the Google Play store and then check for updates, it the update is available for the Google Play Store, just click the update button to update the Google Play Store in no time.