Google Play Store for BlackBerry: Smartphones rule the world, and with an internet connection, everything is made handy. Android OS is the most widely used platform. It is due to the compatibility, and the number of apps available in the Google Play Store is innumerable. No other platform has gained such popularity, unlike the Android platform. For this reason, people tend to go with the Android OS. But what if you have got the BlackBerry OS? You need not stand neglected now as Google Play Store for BlackBerry is downloadable. The article guides you on how to download Google Play Store to your BlackBerry phone. The BlackBerry users would have so far used a limited number of apps from the BlackBerry World. With the Play Store download for the BlackBerry OS, you have no such limitations in downloading and using the apps from the Android Store. Get into the article to know more.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

As mentioned, Google Play Store is found to be the largest of all other app stores and is the most commonly used application software platform. Previously, getting the Play Store apps on BlackBerry model phones was a complex task. But it is no more so as you are in the right place that guides you to download it quickly. Those using any of the BlackBerry model phones, such as Z10, Z30, Z3, P9982, P9983, Q5, Q10, Passport, Priv, Classic, Leap, etc., can get into the article. You can follow the steps given below to download Play Store for BlackBerry OS. With this downloading and installation, you will be getting the option to work on every app that is available on the Android Play Store.


Google Play Store for BlackBerry

BlackBerry OS has its own App store called BlackBerry App World. It doesn’t usually offer its user with as many apps in the Google Play Store. The classification of apps ranges from education to entertainment, and not all of them exist in the BlackBerry World. It made the users of BlackBerry depend on the apps from the Play Store. Any BlackBerry users cannot directly get the Play Store on their phones. The reason for it is BlackBerry has its own official app store, and it doesn’t permit other platform’s app store to be used in the BlackBerry OS. But technology has made everything possible, and if you follow the simple steps given below, you will be able to get the Play Store on your BlackBerry.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

BlackBerry World has very limited apps. By sideloading the Play Store on your BB10 devices, you will get the Play Store Blackberry. Once the Google Play Store gets installed on your BlackBerry mobile, you will be able to download and install the Android apps. It is possible to update them as well. Follow the step-by-step procedure to get access to the best Android apps for your BlackBerry. You can enjoy using Google apps like Instagram, Google Play Music, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, and even third-party apps. Follow any of the below-given methods to install the Play Store on BlackBerry OS.

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Method 1: Google Play Store for BlackBerry OS Download

Step 1:  Go to Settings > App Manager > Installing Apps. Now turn on ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed.‘ Only if you turn on this option, BlackBerry OS will let you download third-party apps.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

Step 2: Now open a browser and download Google Play services Apk file. Open the Apk file and press Install.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

Step 3: Open the browser and download the latest version of the Google Account Manager Apk file. Now open the Apk file and press Install.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

Step 4: You must now open the Google Account Manager and create or sign in to your Google Account.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

Step 5: Now, you have to download the Blackberry Google ID.APK file. Once after downloading, open it and press Install.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

Step 6: The next step is to register your BlackBerry device with the Google Play Store. You can now open the Blackberry Google ID and press Register this device.

Step 7: Now download the Google Play Store Apk file.

Step 8: Open the Apk file and press Install. You will now have got access to use the Google Play Store on your BlackBerry device.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

You are successfully done with the download and installation of the Google Play Store on the BlackBerry device. Now you can download the apps, update them at any time, and can even delete them when not needed quickly and easily.

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Method 2: Google Play Store for BlackBerry Download using Snap

Snap is an application available in the BlackBerry World. It is a client of Google Play Store that lets you access lots of Android apps from within the BlackBerry device. The Snap has passed the approval of the Google Play Store, and apps downloaded from the Snap are safe to use. The only thing that needs to be considered with the Snap app is that it uses an advanced method, and you need to sideload the app. Follow the steps given below to sideload the Snap app.

Step 1: The first step is to download and install Google Chrome.

Step 2: Once Google Chrome is installed, open the browser and install the extension, BB10 / PlayBook App Manager for Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store on your computer.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry

Step 3: Download the latest Snap.BAR file to your computer in a location you prefer.

Step 4: Now, you have to enable the development mode on your BlackBerry device by going to Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode. Just turn on the switch to the On position. Make a note of the IP address if it is different other than You will then be prompted to create a password.

Step 5: Connect your BlackBerry device to the PC using a cable. Open Chrome browser and go to or the IP address you have noted.

Step 6: You can ignore any error message. If you get a pop-up message with the ‘page not found,’ then you can connect your device to another USB port.

Step 7: The next thing is to enter the correct IP address in the Google Chrome extension settings. It will usually be auto-detected, if not, do it manually. You may even disable your anti-virus to get rid of any issues.

Step 8: Enter the password you have already created once after the page loaded up. Now you can able to see a list of what’s already been installed on your device.

Step 9: On the top right-hand corner, there will be an option called ‘Install Apps.‘ Click on that to open a file explorer window for your PC and select the Snap BAR file that is downloaded. Sooner, the Snap file will be installed.

Step 10: You can view the progress in Chrome, and when done, you will be able to see ‘result:: success‘ indicating the file has sideloaded properly. Disconnect your device from your computer.

Step 11: You have to set up Snap once after it is sideloaded. Open up the app, and it asks you for Google login as Snap is acting as a front-end for the Play Store. Provide necessary details and Snap works well.

You are successfully done with the Google Play Store for BlackBerry Download using Snap.

Google Play Store for BlackBerry – Features

So you have finally downloaded and installed the Google Play Store for BlackBerry devices. Now you can get all the features of the Android Play Store on your BlackBerry device. Choose apps from a wide range of selection lists. The categories range from apps, games, e-books, movies, music, and more that can be used on BlackBerry too. Play Store lets its user browse for apps from New Releases, Top Charts, Top Free Games, Editor’s Choice, Early Access, and even more.

Simple User-Interface: Android version of the Google Play Store has come with simple user-interface. Any user can navigate to the section of Google Play without any complications.

Multiple Categories: Google Play Store has several categories of apps. Categories include apps, books, music, movies, and newsstand.

Different Genres: Google Play Store for BlackBerry list all the app in every category individually. It lists the apps under each category in a finite order, thus providing the user with an option to search for the apps quickly. It includes music and audio, games, education, entertainment, communication, and more.

Millions of Apps: You can choose from a wide range of app classifications that are available as the free and paid version. Most apps give you the option to use their advanced features in the free version. The premium versions of apps are mostly downloaded in games, TV & Movies, and books section.

Apps Section: The user can view the apps under different sections like popular apps, top paid, top free, recommended apps for you, newly added apps, updated apps, and much more.

App Description & Reviews: Google Play Store for Blackberry lists the description and reviews about the app. If the description meets your criteria, then you can download the app. Reviews by those who already downloaded the app will get to know more about that app in that case if you are new to app.

Editors Choice: You can choose from a list of apps suggested by Editor on the Play Store’s Editor’s Choice. You can even get the latest stories given by the editor.

Early Access: Google Play Store Blackberry provides you with an option called Early access. You can get the chance to use and access the apps that are under development and haven’t yet been released officially.

Google Play Store is also available for

Google Play Store for BlackBerry – Screenshots

Google Play Store for BlackBerry
Google Play Store for BlackBerry

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