Google Play Store Download for Linux PC | Download Google Linux: The requirement for using the Android apps increases with every need. Google Play Store is the largest repository of Android apps. Anyone who wants to use these apps needs Google Play Store. An Android platform will have Play Store as a built-in version. But for the PCs, it needs to be downloaded. The article deals with Google Play Store Download for PC Linux. Once after the download, the Linux PC users can use all the Android apps on their computer or laptop quickly. With the help of the Anbox emulator, you can access Play Store app on your Linux PC. As Anbox givens the same similar interface as the Android operating system, you can use it on the Linux PC as well. With the help of Anbox emulator, you can install Play Store and thereby access all its apps and games.

Google Play Store for Linux PC
Google Play Store for Linux PC

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How to Install Google Play on Linux PC

As to access Google Play Store on Linux PC, you must download an emulator that supports accessing Android apps and games on Linux PC. Anbox is one of the best emulators that has packed the Android operating system into it and with this, you can integrate every Android app just like the native version on your Linux PC. Find out the steps to download and install Google Play Store on Linux PC.

Step 1: Go to the official web site of Anbox emulator ( on your Linux PC to download it.

Step 2: Open Anbox emulator, go to Settings > Security > Device Administration > enable Apps from Unknown Sources option just like the Android device.

Step 3: Go to the browser, type in the address field as Play Store apk and click on the search bar.

Step 4: Open any trustworthy website ( to download the latest version of Google Play Store apk on Linux PC.

Step 5: Similarly, you have to download Google Play Service apk file from any trusted site to make Google Play Store work on your PC.

Step 6: Wait for Play Store to install on your Linux PC and with this, you can provide your Google credentials to use Google Play Store.

Google Play Store is also available for

We hope the article provided useful information in dealing with the Google Play Store for Linux PC Download. Let us know from your comments in the case of any queries on the Play Store.