Fixes on Google Play Store Won’t Open issue: The Google Play Store is the highly featured application that provides you with millions of apps to download. The app interface is easy to use than some other third-party App downloading software. The Google Play Store is updated with all new apps once it is developed. It is the official app store for the Android platform. The Google Play Store is the most trustworthy and must-have app for all android devices. Sometimes the Google Play store itself fails to work due to some bugs and errors in the app. To know the reason behind this malfunction, just read the issues and the solutions which are given below.

Issue 1: Sometimes the Google Play Store won’t open due to system bugs, just follow the below-mentioned solution to get let the app open easily.

Solution: You can merely resolve this problem by just restarting your smartphone and then try opening the Google Play Store, and this will remove the temporary cache which and free ups some ram and let you open the Google Play Store without any hassle.

Issue 2: Sometimes the google play Store may not open due to the bugs in the application, you can rectify them and then use the app in no time by following the simple solution.

Solution: You can rectify this problem by entering into the settings of your smartphone and then go to the Application Manager and then tap the Google Play Store, Now you can see the force stop and disable buttons. Just tap the disable option and then enable it again. Now you can open the Google Play store and start downloading the applications in no time.

Here are some possible Fixes on Play Store not downloading apps issue

Google Play Store Won't Open
Google Play Store Won’t Open

Issue 3: Sometimes the Google Play Store won’t get open while you tap on them, this may be caused due to the bugs and errors in the Google Play Store.

Solution: You can resolve the problem by merely uninstalling the latest updates of the Google Play Store that you have made. You can do this by just go into the settings and then rap the Application Manager and then choose the Google Play Store app and then you can uninstall the latest updates by tapping the Uninstall Updates button. You can then open Google Play Store. You can install the updates whenever you wish.

Issue 4: The Google Play Store may not open due to the incorrect date and time of your smartphone.

Solution: just check the date and time of your Android mobile and then update it with the exact date and time in the settings of the smartphone. Then open the Google Play Store app and enjoy downloading and updating apps without any hassle.

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