Fixes on Play Store not downloading apps: We all know that the Google Play Store is one of the most significant and most reliable app stores for downloading applications for your Android devices. Many of us are experienced the problem while downloading apps from the Play Store. The problems while downloading the apps through the Google Play Store can be fixed easily. The issues may be caused by various scenarios which includes the error messages while downloading apps, there may be an app crash, or I won’t open, for these problems, we have come up with solutions based on the common Play Store error messages such as Google Play Store won’t Open. The issues of the Google Play Store not downloading apps that you may face is described below with solutions.

Issue 1: The downloading problem of apps in the Play Store may be caused due to the low internet speed.

Solution: Just check the internet connectivity by downloading some files or even by downloading some different applications. If the problem is with the internet connectivity just try after some time or you can contact the network operator for the solutions.

Issue 2: Sometimes the app you are downloading may not be supported for your current Operating system.

Solution: Just check the details of the application that you are downloading to ensure that your operating system is supported, If the OS is outdated just update your OS and then download the app.

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Play Store not downloading apps
Play Store not downloading apps

Issue 3: You may face a downloading problem due to the outdated version of the Play Store.

Solution: Sometimes you can’t download apps due to the outdated version of the Play Store, so just update your Play Store app and then download whatever app you want from the Play Store.

Issue 4: Your device may not be running with the correct date and time

Solution: Check the current date and time of the device you are using, If it is wrong just update the exact date and time and then try downloading the apps.

Play Store Stuck On Downloading

Issue: Sometimes Play Store not Working and sometimes it may be stuck while downloading larger apps, it may even happen for the smaller apps, and this may be caused by various reasons. The reasons include the third-party apps may cause some effects to the Google Play Store, this may occur in “deadlock.” It can also be caused by bugs in the Operating System. Just follow the solutions given below to install the Play Store on your device.

Solution: Just check for the third-party apps on your device, if you couldn’t just force close all the apps in the settings and then try downloading the apps. You can even clear the cache and data of the Play Store and then download the apps of your wish. Just try wiping the cache of your Operating System and then try to download the apps from the Play Store. You can even try removing your Google account and re-enter it again in the Play Store to download the apps.

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