Fixes on Google Play Store not Updating: Play Store is the most significant app to download the apps to your Android devices. Play Store is developed by Google. It provides you with the most reliable and secure interface for downloading the apps. Google Provides you with frequent updates to fix the bugs and gives you excellent security over threats. Sometimes you may face difficulty in updating the Google Play Store. Sometimes you may receive the error message Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped and Google Play Store keeps Stopping. The issues that you face while downloading and the solutions are given below.

Google Play Store not Updating

Issue 1: Play Store may not be updating due to the temporary server issues.

Solution: For this problem, you don’t have to do anything, just be in patience and you can try after some time to update the application.

Issue 2: Sometimes the Play Store won’t update, this may be caused due to the low internet speed.

Solution: Just check the internet connectivity of your device, to make sure it has a secure connection. If you have issues with your internet connection just try updating after some time or you can contact your network operator to resolve this issue.

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Play Store not Updating
Play Store not Updating

Issue 3: The incorrect date and time may also cause the updating issue of the Google Play Store.

Solution: Just update the correct date and time on your device by getting into the settings menu and then try updating the Google Play Store.

Issue 4: Sometimes the device in which you are trying to update the Google Play Store may not be updated due to the insufficient storage on your device.

Solution: You can check the storage space of your device by getting into the settings and then you can free up some space if required. You can delete unwanted files like videos, images, documents, and more to update the Google Play Store in no time.

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