How to Open Play Store App: For those who are searching for the procedure to open the Play Store app can find relevant information right from this article. Any Android user can open Play Store App directly from their Android device in no time. There are lots of mobile platforms available, and the Android platform has been found to be the best-selling OS on smartphones worldwide since its launch. Google owns the Android platform, and all the apps developed for it are stored in a warehouse called Play Store. Android is the most preferred OS with its easy-to-adapt nature and flexibility. Thus the versatile nature of Android attracted millions of users. The Android apps made available in the Google Play Store exist for every other need of us. So all Android users are highly dependent on the Play Store to download and install any Android apps.

The Google Play Store features more than 3.5 million apps currently, and to open Play Store apps of any kind requires no higher level of knowledge. Android has been updated on a regular basis, and irrespective of any version, its users need Play Store to access all the trusted apps. To open the Play Store app, one must have an Android device with the Play Store app installed. Only then it is possible to open Play Store to download Android apps. Besides knowing how to open Play Store App, you will also be getting detailed guidance on how to open Play Store and download apps.

How To Open Play Store App

Most often, any Android device comes pre-installed with Google Play Store. It is a factory default in almost all the latest Android versions. Thus the Android smartphone manufacturers are reducing the task of installing it by the users. To use any Android app, it is a must to have the Play Store app downloaded on any device. With this, the Play Store app can be opened within seconds without any hassle. So those who haven’t install Play Store app can download Play Store Apk latest version to let open Play Store app and enjoy its features as a whole. There is a download link provided at the bottom with which you can download Play Store app with no further delay.


What is Google Play Store and Play Store Apps

Google Play Store, formerly known as Android Market, is the warehouse of all Android apps. i.e., all the Android apps so far developed and are being developed will be stored in the Play Store. From there, all the Android OS users can download and install Android apps based on their preferences and needs. In simple, Play Store is serving as the official app store for the Android operating system. Play Store is a free Android App Store that is available by default or can be downloaded. However, the applications available through the Play Store are either free of charge or at a cost. They can be downloaded on any Android operating system-supported device directly through the Play Store mobile app. Once after its download, the user can open the Play Store app and from there search or browse for Android apps and download them. Play Store apps are classified into different categories like books, business, communication, finance, food, health, games, music, and more.

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How To Open Play Store App

Why Open Play Store App?

Only if you open Play Store app, you will be able to download Android apps. As mentioned earlier, to open Play Store app, any Android device must have installed the Play Store app. Download Play Store Apk if your Android device doesn’t have it. Make sure you enabled Unknown Sources from the Security option under the Settings menu. Others can directly follow the below steps to open the Play Store App.

Pre Requisities:

  • An active internet connection.
  • A valid Google Gmail account.

Steps to Open Play Store App

Step 1: Scroll to see Play Store app installed on your Apps section of your Android device.

Step 2: Click on the icon of the Google Play Store app to open it.

How To Open Play Store App

Step 3: As Google operates the Play Store, you need to provide your Gmail id and password to use the Play Store app.

Step 4: Once the details are verified, Google Play Store will open. You can see a list of apps available in the Play Store on its homepage.

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How to Open Play Store & Download App?

Those who are new to the Android platform will need little guidance on how to open Play store and download apps. The below steps would help you out in dealing with opening the Play store and downloading apps. Play store has apps on both free of charge or at a cost, there will be a slight difference.

Steps to Open Play Store And Download App

From these steps, you can easily open Play Store and download apps including free and purchasable apps.

Step 1: Go to the Android Apps section of your device and click on Play Store App icon to open it.

Step 2: Now you can search for the specific app or browse from the available apps.

Step 3: Click on the app you wanted to open it and download.

Step 4(a): Click on the Install button on the right corner to start downloading the free Android app.


Step 4(b): Click on the App’s Price to start downloading the paid version of the app. Link your payment mode to finish the payment for this app. With successful payment, the downloading process will begin.

How To Open Play Store App

Step 5: Wait until the download gets completed. Click on the Open button to open Play Store app you have downloaded.

Step 6: Now click on the Accept button to proceed with the terms and conditions of the app developer.

Thus you have done with the steps to open Play Store and download apps.

Hope the article provided useful information on the steps to open Play store apps. For queries on Play Store, please comment below.